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Share Your Business or professional Information with your prospects directly via SMS, Email or any other ways.

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By scanning Your QR Code, your client can see your details and also then can share your QR Code to others.

Social Media Links

Your Client, friends, partners can follow you on social media account. You can also include areas of your bussiness or professional by sharing your social link.

Various Range of Templates

You Can select various templates for your VCards, and can have also multiple Vcards in one account, and share to your clients.

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We provide services for free to help professionals and businesses, people in finland to get digital profiles to help them in their careers showcase of information without hesitations.

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Your client, friends. and partners can reach you by just tap on phone number and contact you for any query.

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Smart profesional or Business Card at Showcas

Make Your Own Smart profesional or business Card with us and grow your business, profession and personality easily.

Your profile at Showcas

Easily make a powerfull profile for personal use or company use behind a QR code for easy access and can be printed on T-shirts, cups, pends, books, banners, calenders, send to emails and many more .


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Our services are suitable for individuals and companies to promote their professionalism, services, projects, products information digitally, branches for quick preview, contact and minimise cost of printing , sharring and posting.

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